Reverse Racism - What drives separatism in the media? Is Judgment Racism? Conspiracy Theory

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Is Reverse Racism real? Is judgment a bad instinct or is it a survival mechanism that has kept tribes of humans surviving since the beginning of time?

First off, I am not racist. I judge based on a lot of indicators and they all narrow down to a finite number of possibles and race on its own is never one of them. At the root of that judgmental determination is the question "Is a person or a group dangerous to my family or others?".

Is that a bad thing? What drives those indicators? There are a lot of things but local perception of threat, force multiplying factors, overall demeanor and appearance and an instinctual perception are what drive me to judge a person or a group.

What about Reverse Racism or Reverse Judgement... Do other vocal groups judge based on race? Certainly. But this is buried in the media and by the government who for some reason does not want reverse racism to be an acknowledged fact.

Why is this? What is driving the MSM and the government to disavow the fact that Reverse Racism exists?

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