Earth Satellite data global map

This Satellite data earth global map: includes a visualization of global weather conditions Forecast by supercomputers. Updated every three hours Ocean surface current estimates. Updated every five days Ocean surface temperatures and anomaly from daily average. Updated daily

To navigate this earth global map You can click the (earth) text at the bottom left. You will need to click it 2 times the first time opens the map in a new window. (Close the window to get back to Satellite Zone) The second time you click it you will have multiple options for satellite data. ie: Overlay | NoneWindTempRH = [relative humidity]WPD = [instantaneous wind power destiny] - TPW = [Total Perceptible water]TCW = [Total clouds water] – MSLP =[Mean sea level pressure]MI = [Misery Index] etc. Plus many more options...

Live Earth Satellite data global map is provided by: Earth