Nazi Ties To The British Crown Exposed!

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Their Royal Heilness, indeed. The Sun published a secret 1933 film showing Queen Elizabeth being taught the Nazi salute by her treasonous Uncle Edward the 8th, The Prince of Wales. He would later be known as King Edward the eighth and Emperor Of India. But would be quietly removed from the throne less than 12 months later, as he remained pro Nazi even after the War accellerated. His scandalous marriage proposal to a doubly divorced American woman would be his downfall, as the history books would have you believe.

However, the once and future King was pigeon holed to the Bahamas as its Governor because his Nazi sympathies became widely known during World War 2. Two years before his death, Edward told an interviewer “That he never thought Hitler was such a bad chap.” A British admiral, who had attended Hitler's 1937 Nuremberg rally, featured in an MI5 report as having said that Hitler "would soon be in this country, but that there was no reason to worry about it because he would bring the Duke of Windsor over as king".

So how far back has the German parasite sat on the English throne?

The lineage is long, but begins with the Act of Settlement of 1701, when the Parliament of England granted the English throne to Protestant heir Sophia of Hanover. A German lineage of George’s followed as did the American War For Independence.

In 1840 Queen Victoria married her first cousin Prince Albert, the son of the Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha in Germany. Up until the First World War the Saxe Coburg Gotha and another German Aristocratic name, Wettin, were used. Those names were replaced with Windsor. Essentially a cover for a hard line of German Aristocrats occupying the British throne.

Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip. Prince Philip is from the German house of Glucksburg. Two of Prince Philip’s brothers in law fought for the Nazis. And many of his relatives were linked with the Nazi Party.

From Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip sprang Prince Charles, a man so obsessed with his ancestral ties to the bloodthirsty monster Vlad The Impaler that he has bought up so much property in Romania, that he now owns an entire village.

And Prince Andrew, who was accused of child sex charges, after now allegedly being part of Jeffrey Epstein’s now dropped case of paedophilia.

And Prince Edward, whose wife Sophie was embroiled in a scandal involving sex tours, drugs, and Gay prostitution after she was recorded by a reporter posing as a sheik.

So when German Prince Harry dons a Nazi insignia at a private party and sheepishly apologizes to the adoring brainwashed British public, real Britains, know full well , they are under occupation.

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