ISIS Thanks Senator John McCain For Supporting Them

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ISIS, blatantly supported by John McCain and the Pentagon and hesitantly supplied “tanks, rocket launchers, missile systems, anti-aircraft systems,” in “accidental” air drops—— Now it has been confirmed that Isis has stockpiled enough radioactive material to create Weapons of mass destruction.

In the ISIS magazine Dabiq, ISIS declared their intent to acquire a nuclear warhead from Pakistan with their billions of stolen funds as they ransacked banks and taken control of oil fields across Iraq and Syria. ISIS claims that all they have to do is call on their leaders in Pakistan to (isis-claims-it-could-buy-its-first-nuclear-weapon-from-pakistan-within-12-months)“ purchase a nuclear device through weapons dealers with links to corrupt officials in the region." ISIS is estimated at roughly $2 Billion dollars.

ISIS has essentially reached this plateau of potential mass devastation in roughly one year. They will not rest until their “Perfect Storm” of globalized militant groups have unleashed its full scope of US backed intelligence and funding on the American public. Of course whether they have weapons or not, ISIS is very successful at engaging the media in a giant psyop to terrorize the public and keep a firm grip on American freedoms as deemed necessary by the elite corporacratic Succubus as they prepare the final phases of construction on the superstructure of a New World Order.

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