Illegal Slot Machines Are Coverted Into Classroom Computers

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LENGTH: 5:02
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - recent
1. Truck backing up into "Bingo Recreio" gambling establishment
2. Various of slot machines being loaded into truck
3. SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Cesar Augusto Barbieiro, Superintendent Federal Tax Bureau (Receita Federal) State of Rio
"There are around forty to fifty thousand machines in the state of Rio de Janeiro, so we apprehended one fourth or one fifth of what is out there."
4. Various of men moving and stacking machines
5. Close of hand feeding money into slot machine
6. Close of money box inside machine being removed
7. Men open gambling machine showing computer board inside
8. SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Professor Fabiano Oliveira, Coordinator Superior Technology School FAETEC
"My vision is that technology must be recycled, must be used as much as possible. The world is not homogeneous, it's unequal, some people have lots of resources, others have none."
9. Various of computer laboratory at FAETEC Rio, with students and instructors working on recycling computer parts
10. Various of students taking apart gambling machines
11. SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Ricardo Alves, student
"Being from gambling halls they have had no proper maintenance. They ran all day non stop. Dirt accumulates in the contacts."
12. Mid of student loading Linux operating system in computers
13. Various of students attaching gambling machine parts to computers
14. SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Ricardo Martins, Information Technology Manager FAETEC
"These machines were going to be kept there because of the bureaucracy and now they are going to be used for the poor who need them."
15. Various of console being mounted
16. Various of school for special needs children
17. Various of computers being brought into school
18. Various of children playing educational games on computer
19. SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Alexandre Cardoso, Science and Technology Secretary, Rio de Janeiro State
"Very soon, no school in Rio state will be without a computer. At the state level we need 10 to 15 thousand machines while at the national level we need 150 thousand machines".
20. Wide of special needs children using computers
21. SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Sonia Mendes, Special Needs Student Instructor
"The importance to include these special students in society requires they're able to use computers which they see at banks, supermarkets, shopping malls."
22. Various of special needs students using computers
Illegal gambling machines are being converted into computers for schools in Brazil.
The scheme hopes to help disadvantaged students become computer literate.
Confiscated illegal gambling machines are helping vulnerable children learn how to use computers in Brazil.
Under the new scheme, electronic parts from the gambling machines are being transformed into working computers.
It is hoped these computers will help some of the country's most disadvantaged school children.
The project draws its roots from the Bingo craze that has swept Rio de Janeiro in the past ten years.
Brazilian "bingo parlours," quasi-legal gambling halls are seen as havens for money laundering.
In the past year the Federal Police has decided to curb some of these gambling activities.
Bingos have been closed and thousands of illegal slot machines confiscated.
Federal Tax Bureau Superintendent, Cesar Augusto Barbieiro, says they have apprehended around fourth fifths of all illegal machines in the state.
More than 10 thousand fill the deposits of the Federal Tax Bureau (Receita Federal) in Rio, with another 30 to 40 thousand still remaining at the closed Bingos or still in use.
Sonia Mendes is a teacher at the school.

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