Engineers Are Troubleshooting To Find The Cause Of Failures In Computers On The International Space

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HEADLINE: NASA troubleshoots computers woes
CAPTION: Engineers are troubleshooting to find the cause of failures in computers on the international space station that control the outpost's orientation and produce oxygen. (June 14)


NB. This is a voiceover transcript, not a full shotlist:

[Notes:wide of mission control]
NASA engineers are testing theories about what caused Russian computers to fail.

[Notes:various of astronauts INSIDE shuttle]
The computers control the International Space Station's ability to stay where it needs to in space and some of the life support systems for astronauts on board.

SOT: Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA Space Operations: "The Russian team is trying to understand along with the US team what the root cause is or why we're having the problems we are with the computers. So there will be quite a bit of troubleshooting going on."

[Notes:wide of mission control]
The latest theory -- maybe a power feed is causing the trouble. So while astronauts test the theory, shuttle Atlantis is doing without a few things --

[Notes:interiors of ISS]
like cameras, laptop computers and some lights to save energy. That's in case it has to stay docked at the space station for an extra day.

The commander of the Space Shuttle says it's no big deal

SOT: Rick Sturckow, Atlantis Commander: "There are challenges that come up when you bring up new pieces of hardware, or when computers are improved, and this is just to be expected that things are not always going to go well."

[Notes:exterior of ISS in space]
The Space Shuttle thrusters are helping with the I-S-S position - but they aren't designed to do that full-time. And Atlantis will eventually have to come home -- even though the mission has already been extended once.

[Notes:file of yesterday's space walk]
In the meantime, spacewalks to update the I-S-S continue as planned. A third one, scheduled for Friday,

[Notes:shot of blanket damage]
will include an effort to repair a torn thermal blanket on the shuttle.

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