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  • The History of Vortex Me

    I wanted to create a article on the History of Vortex Me to give people a little ideal of how this site came about..
    I guess its more like the internet history of Rich

    Anyway at this time Vortex Me is a test site to make a News website. Once all the test are done I will be using this script on http://www.matrix.today and if that works out ill put http://www.thenews.center
    Make a place for users to post news videos 

    I bought the domain name Vortex.me way before the new domain name extensions ever came about. The .Me extension is actually a country extension like .TV! I missed out on the dot-com domain name grab but I hit the new domain name extension rush on the nose! Unfortunately I didn't have a bucket full of money but I managed to grab a few premium domain names, to see the full list or almost full list go to Matrix Domains ! Yeah I know asking millions of dollars for domain names is a little outrageous, but it didn't slow down the million dollar ,com's that where sold. Here are just a few examples of the dot com rush that sold for over a million dollars http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_expensive_domain_names. With that said it brings my prices into prospective ! Besides that, I don't care If I sell any of my domain names. I like making website and if I don't sell them, Ill do something else with them and make a lot more!

    A few sites that proceeded Vortex.me and I still update them are:
    http://www.areacontrol.com One of the first domain names and websites that I owned. It all began over 15 years ago. The site is still active and I try to updated it to keep the over 15,000 hits a month coming in.
    http://www.veterans.name I acquired this domain name and website because of the passion I have for Veterans as I am one my self. I try to keep this site updated and hope to implement the same script I am using on Vortex me some day soon.

    A Few Sites with premium domain names that I am doing something with or plan on in the near future.
    Freeware was one of my first passions and I used to own a few freeware sites like siruis-freeware.com and usafreeware.com wich are now long gone but I have a new one ready if the freeware fire ever rekindles! http;//www.freeware.directory

    http://www.tacticle.center is one of my favorites! Right now I have been testing different social scripts on the site but until now I never found a script I have been pleased with! So in the next few months I plan on having it up and running with the vortex me script.

    http://www.christians.center Same as Tactical Center. I am also a Christian So I will be looking forward to using the vortex me script on as well. I used to have a lot of Christians site with long domain names like Immanuel-ministries.com or MinistersNetwork.com and others but since the new extensions I will be implementing all my Christian websites and social sites on http://Christians.center and http://www.Salvation.center! And I also own http://www.ministers.center :) !  It will be a wile in the making though

    With Area Control my first news site you might understand why news is another one of my passions I think Area control has over about 8 years of archives on it.. Which explains my next domain name and website http://www.Matrix.Today

    To Make a long story short I bought Vortex ME domain name to do an awesome video and social site and its way over due!
    Vortex me and all of my other domain names are part of the http://www.vortex.network and you can find most of all my other domain names there if you are interested..

    AND Last but not least yet another great example of my awesome Domain names! I have a passion for webhosting and over the years I have tried well over 50 or more web host! So once I found a good one I did this!

    Matrix Hosting Services on my secure servers:

    1. Buy Matrix Hosting and registering domain names fast, simple, and affordable ~ or  just go to http://www.Matrix.Hosting
    2. Become a Reseller of Matrix Today Hosting and re sell domain names Just in case you have the reseller bug :)


    Rich owner of vortex me imageAnd If you made it this far Lets all Pray that I will be around long enough to finish all these websites and domain name projects! You can see the video I posted on my battle with cancer be sure to read the description below the video besides the melanoma cancer I talk about in the video I later was diagnosed with another type cancer..

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